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I talk about time travel from time to time, because… it’s real. We’ve all seen the movies about altering the past, changing the future, some guy steps on a bug back in the dinosaur era, 65 to 230 million years ago, then Donald Trump never becomes president.

Something more attainable however… is what can we do for ourselves, knowing, and believing that we are indeed time traveling, warping through space, spending our lives on habits and patterns that are engrained in us. What happens to us if we eat healthy, or start our business, or start painting again, daily, and we set that as a pattern in ourselves, perhaps spending 21 consecutive days doing so, then we warp through time.

What year do we land in, and who are we?

We land in tomorrow, and the day after, and the day, week, month, year, decade, decades after that.

We, arrive!

We arrive at the better , ideal image of ourselves. We arrive at this, very realistic scenario, of where we want to be in our lives. Short term goals and objectives, fought for, strived for, where we then blank out, and arrive, like a hibernating state on a spaceship to Mars, because you will arrive. We will arrive, and you will want to wake up on that day, at whatever age it is, and know that you are still embarking on the greatest journey ever told, and that not only are you successful, but you matter, and you, are important, and you did something great.