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Some people say humans are viruses and that we destroy everything we touch. I won’t disagree that we¬†are an invasive species, where interestingly enough we call all creatures and plants the same, even though we introduced most of them into areas they shouldn’t be. Now we have no excuses. Our collective education has surmounted to a great height. Or has it? We cannot claim for much longer the lizard / monkey brain as an excuse. People all over the world are dying. We’re not apes throwing shit at each other, killing for territory, and … oh wait, we are still doing that. Humans have come a long way. We’re young, I mean, we just got electricity in the late 1800’s. Yes, we have drastic civil injustice, we are doing terrible things to people, pissing on the ground to claim our turf, I mean, we even did it on the moon. Flag. Bam!

Yes, we are still monkey’s, we’re still lizards, but when do we claim otherwise? We’re in outer space, cameras sooo far away, incalculable distances, yet corners of the earth still commence in genital mutilation and vast populations still defecate in public due to no plumbing. We know eating too much red meat is bad for us. We know we need to grow more vegetables so we can feed more people and stop using hundreds of gallons of water to generate a single lb of beef. We know it’s ok if two men love each other. It’s two humans, who love another…

Oh, can I remind you again that we’re launching then landing rockets back on Earth now? We’re solving problems, that we created! Is there a single non-profit working toward a cause that we humans didn’t cause in the first place? This cycle is in itself, dysfunctional, don’t you agree? Theatre. Why are we raising money for theatre, music venues, and community gardens? Why are non-profits raising money for school books, for the environment, social equality, etc.?

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