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Depression is a very new and recent experience for me in life. I had not experienced my first bout until mid 20’s, and when it fell upon me I was quite confused and uncertain as to what it even was. Across many site the average age range for depression seems to be 25 – 44 years of age, so it seems I was right on the mark.

You can be riding an extreme high, then you can hit a deep low, but how low can you go? Really really low it seems. I used to ponder my depression vs. productivity on an x/y axis. Am I still operating at a higher capacity than an”average” person when I’m down? That idea has long sense past, as comparing productivity to other people, I believe, is dysfunctional. It boils down to where you average out and “ride” on the scale.

Consider you’re buzzing high 7 days per week for 27 days, then your energy starts ebbing away… you might drop 10 points down on your mania, which is perceived as a huge drop, and it is, because your body feels it as a dramatic shift. Just 10 years earlier, you might have been riding lower than you are now on average, so when you drop those 10 points and start to experience that entrepreneur / momentum depression, it’s important to remember that this new level was at one point your highest. It’s about the drop or the gain. Here we’re discussing the drop since it is what causes the depression.

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