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When you are doing startups, running businesses, it’s crucial to fight for it 1000%. You have to operate like it’s the only thing in the world to you, because it is! I also think it’s important to, at moments, give yourself permission to acknowledge the growth and enrichment you’re receiving from everything you’ve experienced through the process.

I turned 31 years old a few weeks ago. Reflecting back on the dozen or so failed projects, I remember at the time having no vision of the future outside of that one company or concept. Nothing else existed, and that was important for momentum. I also remember having thoughts like, “This is the best and greatest idea I’ve ever had in my life and will ever have.” I could not have been more wrong.

Now, a dozen ideas later, I am going strong, better than ever actually. I’ve learned the number one lesson. “It is not only ok to ‘fail,’ it’s crucial that you do.” Failing doesn’t have to mean the entire company goes to shit. Not at all. Aspects of it can fail. Giving yourself permission to sponge-up the lessons, learn from mistakes and truly adhere to the lesson that the journey really is better than the destination. Arriving at the end, which by the way, never ever ever comes, is just another reward, just like all the lovely moments along the way. When you’re motivated, you never reach an end goal, you never reach the top, or the summit.

You will always more more ideas, different ventures, and new business partners. To conclude, you couldn’t have arrived where you are now without having taken the steps behind you. Treat everything like it’s the only and last thing you’ll ever do, but know that it’s ok to be excited that if things don’t “work out,” because all that experience you just absorbed… you’ll be unstoppable.

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