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“Do for others what you want done for you.”

This philosophy stems from the idea that if we want something within a certain industry, perhaps we put ourselves and our own careers in that industry one step back from the industry at-large. This idea is combined as a lead generation philosophy. Example. If you want to be a selling author, why not nurture the writing community, and help others get their works out in the community.

This does in effect make you a bit of a producer or agent of sorts, but not a manager or broker. If you’re an animator, and you want to have your animation seen all over the place, why not create an Instagram that promotes great animation and their animators, build that following, then sneak your own work in from time to time? You can feature great artists, ones you look up to, reposting their work. Watch as they thank you and like your posts on your community profile. You’ll build a society of people, just like you, and people that follow work. Then, when the time is right, strike, and take what you deserve.

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