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Build the ecosystem surrounding your project. When we zoom out from a coral reef, or a tributary, the area we see is being incubated by a greater system, flowing and delivering all the proper nutrients to it from all around. How long did it take for that one component to form and nurture life?

I don’t want to sound too abstract, but it took thousands, if not millions of years. How can we think so far ahead to the place where we want our coral reef to rest? What steps can we take to build our home, our project, our world? This is starting to sound like an environmental piece… and maybe it should be.

The surrounding ocean, river streams, forests, etc. You can’t have health in one area if the the neighboring is in peril. A more relatable example might be real estate. Someone buying a home in a far off region in hopes that one day the home is to go up in value can take action to ensure that it does. You sit around and wait for growth to come to you. Be a part of it. These may sound like extremes, but perhaps open a business near your far off home. Perhaps start a small annual music festival nearby. Incubate the region, the eco-system.

This translates over to all projects and startups of all types, primarily ventures that surround a niche or community, which, guess what is just about all businesses. Or at least they should be. This correlates with crowd-rise, before you crowd-fund. Build the community. What does the community need? Where do you want your coral reef to go? You might need to create



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